3 Keys to Getting the Great Job You’ll Love – Regardless of the Economy

In the current economy, many people are out of work. This makes finding a job seem harder than ever. Finding a truly great job seems even more difficult. Trying to find a fabulous job you will truly love – a dream job – might even seem impossible. Actually, the economy has little to do with it. Most job seekers simply do not understand three essential keys to winning the position of their choice. But you will if you read on.

Think Target Market, Not Broadcasting

When companies are target marketing, they are doing two specific things. First, they are trying to promote their brand. Second, they are crafting their efforts to a specific target market, rather than to everyone as when broadcasting. You need to do the same thing. Figure out exactly what you want in a job by exploring you first – not the jobs or companies. What are your skills and passions? What would you do even if you weren’t getting paid for it? And what kind of culture do you want to work in – business, casual, intense, laid back? Once you know your brand, you need to know the target market which is the second key.

Don’t Waste Their Time, Be Prepared

Once you know who you are and what you want, research positions and companies that match. Sort them, then research the top 5-10 in detail comparing them to the things you discovered about yourself. Settle on the top three matches for your skills, passions, cultural fit. Now, spend significant time really studying these companies and positions. Learn what their challenges are, what their direction is, what their products and services are about, who their competition is and how they stack up against them. Become an expert on these companies. If possible, conduct informational interviews with employees of these companies. Write down and organize what you’ve learned, then visualize going for an interview. What would you answer when asked about your strengths; what about your weaknesses? Make sure both answers contain and correlate the matched factors you learned about the company and position. It is one thing to know something and another to articulate it, especially in a stressful setting, so try practicing your answers out loud to really be prepared.

DO NOT Ask for the Job; Offer to Help Them Succeed Instead

Most job applicants are somewhat like beggars asking for food. Please give me a job. Companies don’t GIVE jobs – they create a contractual agreement to provide benefits in exchange for work they believe will help them reach their business goals. Still, almost all applicants approach them with little preparation asking for a job. You instead are approaching them with a natural alignment in skills, passions, and cultural preference. Also, you are a subject matter expert on their company, business and the specific position. You are already light years ahead of these other applicants. So, instead of asking for a job, share with them your ideas about how you can help them succeed. And sell the sizzle, not the steak – tell them how what you have in mind benefits them.

If you will really focus on discovering the few places that are tailor made for you, become an expert on those businesses and share with them your ideas on how you can help them succeed, you will find and secure your fabulous dream job even in the most difficult economies. The key is to focus on the best few rather than the many or any. Who are you, what’s the right company for you, and how are you the best candidate to help them succeed? Answer these questions and get the job.

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