Robbed of time? Steal it back!!

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t find the time to get things done? I sure do. Check out this quick video demonstrating how to get things done using sand time or read the post below.

Greetings. I hope you’re having a great day.  I have!  I’ve had a very busy day. Perhaps you have had this happen to you occasionally when you’re just really busy and can’t seem to accomplish all the things that you’d planned that day.

I was hoping today to put up a blog post or a video online but the day grew busy. Now, I’m sitting here at the airport waiting for my wife to land.  You may notice on the video that despite the fact that I’m in Austin Texas, I’m wearing a pretty heavy coat.  That’s because we are in the middle of the famous ice apocalypse of 2018. In Texas, people just go and raid the stores and everything else anytime we have a little ice or snow.  That’s what happened today, so my wife’s plane is landing a little late and I’m just sitting the cell phone lot waiting for her.

You’ve probably had these kinds of things happen when the events of the day keep you from being able to get the things that you wanted to get done accomplished and that’s what happened to me today.  If you can relate to that, I’ll briefly share with you one of my favorite techniques which is using something I call sand time.

Sand time is just the time in between the bigger things. Many times, you get caught some place. You may go to a doctor’s appointment and have to wait an extra-long time or go to the grocery store the day before ice apocalypse where you’re forced to wait in a line that lasts forever.  In these moments, you can just leverage that wait time, that sand time.

Here I am sitting in a cell phone lot and Guess what? I’m making a video telling you about sand time and putting it on online. There you have it.  I accomplished something in the middle of having way too many things to do. You can do that too.

I hope you like this tip and will share with somebody else.  Please do!   And please subscribe so you receive future posts.  I greatly appreciate your interest and support.

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