Just Listen — Mark Goulston

Communication is one of the most fascinating and complex skills. There are so many ways that it breaks down. Just Listen by Mark Goulston is like a book of magic incantations on the art of communicating by actively and compassionately listening to others.

While some of the methods were not new to me, Mark’s explanations of why they work and role play scenarios fully hydrate the readers practical working knowledge. Shortly after reading how he connected with a VIP, I quickly and successfully used Mark’s technique of asking a questions of a busy executive at the end of a meeting that showed I was interested in him and that he wanted to answer. The result was that he spent 10 minutes into his next meeting answering the question and providing many valuable insights to me and my team. I have also been able to use these skills successfully in coaching sessions with a great deal of success even though I’m still practicing.

I highly recommend Mark’s book for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively with other, especially in complex situations and even more so if you care about them.


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