Set Future Intention to Become Effective

I’m flying back from a two week trip to India, currently over the Atlantic, thinking about how technology, high performance and culture intersect.

Have you ever found that you’ve lived somewhere a long time or visited somewhere often or known somebody for years, then found you really hadn’t taken the opportunity right in front of you to really be present — that you really didn’t know much at all? I can think of so many times that I haven’t taken the opportunities that are right in front of me.

I’ve traveled to India about 12 times over the last few years working with an amazing team of talented people and I’ve gotten to know a few things about the culture and my coworkers and friends there. Because of the technology we have now days, you can travel there and work with people there from anywhere in the world with a fair amount of ease.

The team there has helped me achieve some amazing things for our customers and stakeholders over the last five years. I try to inspire them when I visit and to be available for any type of coaching they would like as well.

However, I have been feeling complacent lately. Last year was crazy busy and I didn’t even make it to India at all. There was so much going on that it was hard to find the time and then a travel mixup prevented me from attending in August so more than a year passed by. But it wasn’t just toward my team in India. It was spread throughout my life.

Some reading, study and coaching (from others, for me) brought me to a few realizations that really coalesced while in India.

1. It wasn’t time that was my problem but a forward clarity

When we don’t refresh our clarity about who we want to be in the future, how we want to be with others, what skills we need to develop for our future success and the type of service we want to be our trademark, we find ourselves going through the motions . As Brendon Burchard teaches in High Performance Habits, Next-level clarity is about the future. If we don’t’ refresh our clarity toward our future best selves, our current successes start to became stale and feel only like busy work. The magic start fades and our performance suffers.

2. Setting future intention.

While in India, I spent a lot of time defining my future clarity and truly setting that intention. I programmed triggers for my future intentions in my phone and started focusing on them. I really care about people, and I’m fascinated by stories of their journeys and their experiences and I really love to encourage people to grow and find success. This is really my heart. But sometimes when I’m driving passionately toward an objective, I cease to be effective with others in my effort to efficiently bring my vision about. I received feedback recently that some people find me condescending. This breaks my heart because it is not who I want to be and certainly not what I want to bring to the people I care about — but I know that it can be true that I come off this way and I need to develop habits and strategies the keep me living in my intention to be caring, fascinated by land encouraging to others.

I spent a lot of time in my interactions with others lfocusing on being truly present and to listen deeply, being with the person more than with our products and I found I learned so much more about them as people but also about their feelings and struggles in the work. One leader brought me to his home for an authentic Indian dinner with his family and his daughter danced a classical Indian dance for me. I had in all my trips never visited with any of my team at their home. I realized so much during this trip that has been there all along but that I haven’t taken the time to see because I had not developed the clarity and set the intention on how I wanted to be with others.

These were not just fuzzy learnings. Besides knowing more about the things that matter the most to my coworkers, their families, their faith and their future hopes, I learned much more about what matters on moving our team and our work forward. I discovered that much of the reason why behind our work decisions was getting lost behind the what and I was able to slow down and provide much more clarity to the team behind the direction we were setting. I was able to uncover many things that kept various team members stuck or not leveraging powerful connections and collaborate with them on strategies that hopefully will, not only move them forward, but will do so boldly and with more clarity.

What about you? Do you have a clear future vision for how you will interact with others along your journey? I hope this might help you focus, gain clarity and set your intention. Try it out and let me know if I can help. Share your efforts with me — I’d really like to hear about your experience.

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3 thoughts on “Set Future Intention to Become Effective”

  1. It is humbling to read what you have written, and it feels you write from the heart. I have never found you or felt you being “condescending” at all. It is just not “you”. That is my experience. But, yes, we should always remind ourselves to be careful in that regard; applies to all of us. And, it was fun interacting with you when you are in India, plenty of learning as well and I am glad I am small part of that experience here in India. Also, you seem to be so open to learning, and embracing new culture, customs so easily. I think this could be the trick to stay young (in heart), and happy (stay hungry, stay foolish). To me, “being myself” has been most rewarding, and being truthful to my character. Making people connections, deeply connecting with them (not just for the sake of business; that is only one part of it!) form basic tenet for me. In India, it is in the culture, to see divine in every part of the creation — be it a living or non-living thing. We do forget this in the rush of life, but good to keep reminding us this. Another thought I have helped myself always with is that — not to consider myself very important and very serious. That keeps me grounded. While that is true, an individual has immense potential and has a lot to contribute…

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