The coming adventure

I have moved many times in my life.

My parents moved a half a dozen times before I started school. I never attended any school two years in a row until I was in High School — and only longer then because my parents divorced and I could drive to my school once I moved out of district to live with my Dad.

I moved a fair in my early adult life amount until I bought a house when my oldest child was 3. I stayed put for over 10 years then moved about every 2-3 years but stayed in the area.

Despite this seemingly nomadic behavior, I have always lived in the gravity of a given place location. A concrete pad with wood, stone, brick and mortar forming a house as a means to a home.

My wife had a very difference experience growing up. Her parents still live in the farm home they built when she was a young child in the small Texas town where she attended a K-12 public school.

But she grew up ready to explore more of the world moving to another state where her children were born before coming back to Texas then moving to several different houses before we met 12 years ago.

We have moved to 4 different houses in the that time — and during Covid, Cheryl warmed up to to my life dream of working and traveling the USA in an RV full-time.

Two years later, we are just about ready for that dream to commence.

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