I am a Child of God in Christ Jesus, Husband, Father, Social Genealogist, Writer, Photographer, Incubator, Connector of people and ideas, Sometimes Technologist, Change-agent, Eternally Free, and a True Non-Conformist.

This pages will explore all of this and more.

After many years of battling to claim the American dream, I suddenly found myself 10 years ago on a strange odyssey back home.  I have confronted many adventures, misteps, guides, dangers, and enemies on my journey back from Troy.  They have changed me significantly.  I have tried to cling to the treasures of my life while untangling the tares from the wheat.  The journey continues and this page will be the map and journal of the adventure.

I hope you can use some of the gems I’ve collected in your own journey – or perhaps, we can just spur one another on to love and good deeds.  Godspeed and may his wind fill your sails on the path home to heaven’s shore.


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