The first Boyum family begin to arrive in the US in 1853 when Arne Boyum came with his sister and Uncle.  However, not all Boyums in America are related to this family.  Boyum is a name derived from a place – specfically the Boyum farms in Norway.   For Norwegian immigrants of that day, their last name was more the place they lived and many took that name when they came to the U.S.   Conseguently, there are multiple Boyum families in the US today.  The descendents of Ellend Boyum, Arne’s parents who made the move to the US three years later in 1856 are now in their 6th and 7th generation in America.


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  1. Hei, The first Bøyum’s who arrived in the US was in 1848 I think. It was an uncle of Arne Boyum (the pastor). His name was also Arne Boyum…

  2. Todd

    very super nice website – do u have posted on FB – do u mind if I add it to the FB group “BOYUMS OF AMERICA” ” GLAD I found u on facebook – George speakes GLOWINGLY of u (lol)

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