The Children of Ellend and Anna Boyum

Britha, Gjertrud, Arne, Mari, Sevath, Erik, Ole

On September 17, 1797 Erich Arneson Bøyum and Britha Ellendaughter Tufte gave birth to their second son who they named Ellend and their first daughter who they named Mari after Britha's father and mother respectively. Unfortunately, Ellend lost his twin sister to death three years later on October 12, 1800. This event is destined to become an even more tragic irony later in his life story.

Ellend grew up and lived near the Bøyum farm close to Fjærland in the Balestrand community. This area is directly between the two southernmost offshoots of the great Jostedal glacier which is the largest in all Europe. It surrounded the region on three sides. The fourth side at Fjærland heads down a narrow side-fjord into the Sognefjorden which is the longest, deepest, and one of the most famous fjords in the world.

A neighboring community of Leikanger is the home of the Øyjordi farm where Anna Sevatdaughter was born on February 13, 1803. She was the fourth child and second daughter of Sevat Thorson Øyjordi and Giertrud Marcusdaughter Torsnes.

Ellend and Anna were married on April 14, 1828 when he was 30. Anna was five years younger. Because of their older brothers and sisters, Ellend and Anna did not receive an inheritance of land and Ellend worked as a cottager/farmer for his older brother, Arne. They had seven children together. Two died in childhood and the remaining chidren all migrated to America. The last to emigrate were the two youngest, Sevath and Ole, along with Ellend and Anna themselves. They left Norway on April 16, 1856 on the seven week voyage to Wisconsin in America.


1. Britha

Britha was born on April 26, 1828. This date or Ellend and Anna's marriage date may be off otherwise Britha was clearly not conceived in wedlock. Britha, who was named after Ellend's mother, grew up and worked for Ellend's brother Arne until 1848 when she left for America on March 24th. She was like accompanied by some older relative, possibly her uncle, Arne Boyum, who is already established there when her brother, Arne, and sister, Gjertrud, arrive five years later.

2. Gjertrud Boyum

Gjertrud was born on February 9, 1830 and came to the U.S. in April/May, 1853 with her older brother Arne and her mother's brother, Ole Sevatson Øyjordi. Her marriage in spring on 1859 to Mons Johnson Langeteig was the first officiate by Arne in Arendahl. In the summer of that year, Arne was married at their home in Wisconsin.

Young Arne E. Boyum Pastor Arne E. Boyum

Pastor Arne E. Boyum

3. Arne

Arne was born on Easter day, April 7, 1833. He was baptized and named after his father's brother, Arne, on April 9. He came to the U.S. with his older sister Gjertrud and his mother's brother, Ole Sevatson Øyjordi, in later April, 1853. . He was the first pastor of Arendahl Evangelical Lutheran Church in Arendahl, MN near Peterson in Fillmore county. Arendahl was named after him. He married Anne I. Suphellan on July 25, 1859 shortly after she arrived in Wisconsin from Norway. They were married in Wisconsin at the home of Arne’s sister, Gjertrud, and then returned to Arendahl. Anne was born on May 13, 1835 in Balestrand, Outer Sogn, Bergen Diocese, Norway and died on December 31, 1899 at 9PM in Arendahl, MN. They had twelve children together. Five died before her and at least six of those that survived her were sons. Pastor Boyum died on July 29, 1913 in Arendahl at his home after suffering a stroke. You may wish to read his autobiography and other biographical information included on this website.

4. Mari

Mari, who was born on April 17, 1837, was named after Ellend's twin sister who died at the age of three. In a strange and sad ironic tragedy, Mari died at the age of 20 months when an avalanche destroyed the family’s home on February 15, 1839.

Sevath, Ole, & Arne Boyum

Sevath, Ole, &
Arne Boyum

5. Sevath

Sevath, named after his mother's father, was born in Norway on April 27, 1840 and came to the U.S. in April 1856 with his younger brother, Ole, and his parents. They joined up with Arne and lived with him at the Arendahl Township. Arne married Sevath and Caroline (Kari) Johnsdatter Langeteig, b. 1841 in Langeteig, Norway, sometime after summer of spring on 1859. Sevath and Kari had eleven children one of which died as an infant. They had three sons, John, Eric, and George Martin. Their daughters were Anna, Gertrude, Ella, Marie, Serene, Cora, and Ida. They possibly lived in Rushford for a time. Around 1879-80, Sevath moved his family to Mayville, North Dakota where he built the first store. His daughter, Anna became the first Mayville bride when she married Samuel Sven Johan Johnson. Boyum, sevath stone2.jpg (94867 bytes)Sometime before 1895, most, if not all, of the family relocated by train to Jennings, LA where Sevath died in 1909 and Caroline passed away in 1914.  Most likely, the family moved at different times.  Samuel Johnson and Anna likely moved first and possibly as early as late 1884 or early 1885.  According to Dr. Melvin Johnson, Samuel's grandson, when his father was born in Nov, 1884, doctors told his grandfather, "you will lose this child to if you don't move to a warmer climate.  Samuel and Anna had lost two sons in infancy.  However, George Zigler who was married to Gertrude didn't move until almost 1900.

6. Erik

Erik was born on December 5th in 1842 or 1843 and was named after Ellend's father. For some unknown reason, Erik died on June 16, 1850 in Norway.

Ole E. Boyum

Ole E. Boyum

7. Ole

Ole, the youngest child of Ellend and Anna, was born February 10, 1846 in Norway. Both Ellend and Anna had brothers with the name Ole. Ole came to the U.S. in April 1856 with his older brother, Sevath, and his parents. He married Anna Andersdatter Langeteig on June 10, 1866 and they had five sons: Eddie, Andreas, Martin, George, and Andrew Ole and three daughters: Maria, Ellen, Julia. Ole died on October 2, 1919 at the Arendahl Township. Anna, who was born on June 12, 1846 Spring Praire, Wisconsin, died on December 31, 1933 at Arendahl.

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