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Listed on this page are links to other websites that have been useful partners in the Boyum of America effort.  This are websites that I personally recommend.  However, you can also visit the Boyums of America Visitor Links page too.

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Cousins and Relatives

  1. George & Judy Boyum (Father & Mother)
    American Promoprint document solutions provider and promotions.
  2. Neil Johnson (3rd cousin)
    Neil is professional photographer and writer with many published books for adults and children.
  3. Carol Fleming (3rd cousin)
    Carol is an artist specializing in site-specific and one-of-a-kind artwork in clay.
  4. Erik Boyum Anderson (3rd cousin)
    Rik works for Boeing with responsibilities in the Commercial Product Strategy department
  5. Vanessa Bilello (3rd cousin, once removed daughter of Rik Anderson above)
    Resource specialist at Duveneck Elementary School
  6. Hillary Anderson (3rd cousin, once removed daughter of Rik Anderson above)
    Recent graduate from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.
  7. Joel Thoreson (4th cousin)
    An assistant archivist for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  8. Nancy O. Snyder (4th cousin, once removed)


  1. Maury Hafernik at Austin Dental
    Maury is a good friend, excellent dentist -- his son participates in scouting with us and I helped him develop his website initially.
  2. Liberty Avenue and World Wayfaring Tours
    Liberty Avenue is owned by a two close friends who I have worked with many years at Dell.  I have recently being trading some photography and web design for some of their excellent antique reproductions. 
  3. Dale Miller and You Empower America
    Dale is a man who is passionate about empowering Americans to take part of their government. He became a friend of mind several years ago while I ran my own business and, though I don't get to see him much these days, I miss him because he is a very caring person and good Christian brother.


  1. Ancestry.com
  2. Genforum.com
  3. Rootsweb
  4. Gendex


  1. Sognejordlag in America


  1. The Nordic-American Ring
  2. GenRing - The LARGEST Genealogy Ring on the 'Net!


  1. Arendahl Cemetary Tombstone Records


  1. Family Tree Maker
    This is the software I have used the most.  It seems to me the easiest to use and is very stable.  I started to look at others several years ago because of features that FTM did not have.  However, they have added many of those features now and I found the others far too technical to use.  From a usability standpoint, this program has my vote. One thing that truly annoys me about this software is the lack of support for personal Internet.  It has a huge amount of features to publish your information their website (which increases their value) but little to publish to your own.  I found this really annoying -- especially a few years ago when they were charging you so much.  However, you can now by the software and 20 libraries for about $70 and use the website so I don't feel so much like they are taking advantage of their users without returning the value.   What is nice too -- those that don't want to get fancy about their website, own a domain, etc., this is the way to go.
  2. Ultimate Family Tree
    This software is very feature rich and the underlying database structure is available to techie people like myself.  You can also export data to real data structures like excel which is nice.  However, it is not nearly as easy to use as FTM and did not seem as stable.  To be fair, I haven't used it in its current versions so it may have improved those aspects with FTM was adding charts and data that this program already had.  One thing that was nice was the ability to search and replace data throughout your file.
  3. The Master Genealogist
    I really didn't use this software -- after purchasing it, I got distracted from my genealogy pursuits for awhile -- that is the way my life goes.  It, like UFT, has a more open database structure and it had reports and charts that were not available elsewhere.  Of the 3, it was more like a genealogist tool -- genealogy as a science that is.  Again, that was a few years ago and FTM has come a long way since then on many of its features but I have not looked at the current TMG offering.
  4. Adobe Photoshop
    I am still using version 5.5. This is overkill for the work that I have currently presented on the website but I am using it for other purposes.
  5. Brothers Keeper
    This is the first software I used (the DOS version) many years ago.  I haven't used the latest version.
    This is the shareware software I used to convert the family tree data to linked webpages.  It is probably the most used software for doign this on the web.  It is pretty easy to use.  I haven't used the latest version -- will soon. The author of the software also runs the GENDEX server which reads an index file created when you run GED2HTML to create searchable links in the GENDEX server to your site information.  Therefore, it is a great way to publish your site's data to those searching for your surnames.
    This program is a useful utility to remove individual details about living relatives so that you can publish genealogy data and still maintain privacy.
    This is a program similar to GED2HTML.
  9. The Ferrets -- Awesome search engine tools
  10. ThumbsPlus -- Graphic software -- This lets you manage graphics and create catalog pages easily.
  11. Pegasus Mail -- My favorite free email software
    I have recently converted all my email to Microsoft Outlook.
  12. CuteFTP -- FTP tool for moving pages to web
  13. Microsoft Front Page 2000 -- this is the main web page editing and management software that I use.
  14. Submit Wolf Pro -- this is an excellent, inexpensive way to promote your site.
  15. Scripts from Matt's Script Archive - this is what is used for the search engine, guest book, and Relative Correspondence discussion system.
  16. Links Engine 2.0 by Gossamer Threads is used for the visitor links page.

Other Interests

  1. Todd Boyum
    See my main site to learn more details about me and my interests.
  2. Online Photo Contest
    Second Place Winner in Portraiture Category - November 2000

  3. Boy Scout Troop 8787
  4. Cub Scout Pack 140
  5. Dell Computer Corporation
  6. NYOS Charter School
  7. Christ Life Fellowship
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