Just finished listening to Linchpin by Seth Godin.  I highly recommend this book (or the audiobook version).  It is a bit difficult to summarize all the wonderful content in this book.  Seth hopes to inspire us to get beyond the fear that our Lizard Brain imposes on us so we can let our inner artist self shine and ship our genius to the world around us.  He does a great job outlining why and how fear stifles us and why it is imperative to overcome that fear and get fast and great at shipping your value to the world.

Check out this video by Seth: Quieting the Lizard Brain The 99 Percent which covers some of his ideas on shipping. 

As I’ve been listening to this, I am working hard to develop and ship a seminar on social media marketing.  I wanted to demonstrate the power of this new world where ideas can be shared easily and rapidly, where the average person can promote ideas with the same speed as major corporations.   I have not historically used YouTube a great deal but decided to see if I could find an app that would let me create a video of the training segment and post it on YouTube from my iPhone.

Here is the result as an experience in speed and power of communication.

  1. Forty-five minutes ago, I searched for an app to do this on iTunes.
  2. Read and reviewed 3 different apps and decided on iCamcorder.
  3. Bought it directly from the iPhone so I didn’t have to sync
  4. Recorded a brief test video and uploaded to YouTube
  5. Reviewed and deleted that video
  6. Picked up up my daughter from a friends house and stopped at McDonalds on the way home. (finished listening to Linchpin during this trip)
  7. Recorded video in the parking lot, and uploaded it to YouTube during the one mile trip home.
  8. Reviewed it as soon as we came in the door and shared it to Twitter and Facebook.  Here is the video on YouTube – Tara’s Happy Meal Toy
  9. Wrote this blog to share with you all about Seth’s amazing book and the speed, ease and power of shipping and sharing your art.

Get Linchpin today and get over your fear of sharing your art with the world.

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